Regeneration Across Multiple Indications

Biostage aims to change the treatment paradigm for patients suffering from life-threatening conditions of the esophagus, bronchus and trachea. Biostage’s Cellframe technology utilizes a biocompatible scaffold that is seeded with the patient’s own cells to create a Cellspan implant. 

Cellspan implants are being designed to provide a unique microenvironment that includes all the necessary cues to induce tissue formation: physical structures, chemical composition, surface properties, and, perhaps most importantly, biosignals that direct cell behaviors.

The Cellspan implant is delivered directly to the site where tissue regeneration is needed, and is intended to play a pivotal role in the success of in situ tissue regeneration by providing both stem cell-derived biological signals, and three-dimensional guidance and support, for cell growth and regeneration.

In other words, Cellspan implants may provide instructive cues to cells in the patient’s surrounding tissue and stimulate responses in those cells that lead to tissue regeneration.

As each organ has unique tissue structure, cell types and regenerative capacity, the design and properties of a Cellspan implant is unique for each indication or organ. Learn more about Cellspan product candidates in development for esophageal, bronchial and tracheal implants.